UD Trucks donates 5,000 masks to Oya elementary school in Ageo

On June 23, UD Trucks donated 5,000 face masks to Oya elementary school, located near UD Trucks headquarters in Ageo city, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Elementary schools in Ageo city reopened on June 1. For the first two weeks, children were divided into two groups to attend classes and school lunch separately in order to minimize physical contact. While schools resumed classes as normal from June 12, the administrative staff and teachers continue to implement various measures to prevent a second wave of infections.

The school principal said, “Although the board of education distributed cloth masks to all students, sometimes they forget to bring their mask or find it difficult to keep the mask clean.  With this donation, we can ensure all students have new masks when needed. For this, we are very grateful.”

The masks were donated by the UD Trucks health and security team and delivered to the school in a small fire truck. The students were very excited to get up close to see the exterior and interior of the vehicle. With many activities postponed this year, including sports and fire prevention awareness events, the children and teachers alike were delighted to have the truck on the school grounds.

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